Friday, February 02, 2007


Ros & Bella


Bella & Brittani

Lil Miss Lexi with her like 4th cupcake

Oh we all know for some reason I take pictures of food, with food, my friends eating food! N.E.who... Bookstudy at the Pittmans means the best snack nite EVER... Ros and Brit left my bookstudy and are in another one. But we use to SLAM on snack nite. No cookies and punch junk. I'm talking chicken wings, Sliders, Skyline chilly dogs, shrimp... pretty much dinner... dinner that will force you to do 30 extra crunches the next day. Uh Ros? Well, Ros called me yesterday morning and told me she was making a comeback cuz it was snack night at the Pittmans again! YES!

Checkout our smiling faces. Notice everyone has a cupcake. Couldn't take incriminating photos of us eating the haZarDOuS stuff! YUM YUM.


1 comment:

evendivashavemuscles said...

OH NO! You've got me; the hardcore dieter on film eating a cupcake; lol I luv it!

P.S.--I just held the cupcake people; I didn't actually consume it;-)