Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Assembly

Ros holding it down!


It's Brooklyn in da building!

So my 2 day assembly was about 2 weeks ago now. It was very interesting to say the least. Miss Roz got dipped! I was super excited about that! Congrats Ros! You are a wonderful example of fine christian qualities for all us youngins!

Just a couple shots of Saturday and dinner at El Vaquelo's (sorry you spanish speaking folks, I know I spelled it wrong) .

Much love!



Silk said...

Congrats Ros!!! We love you so much and I am proud to call you my Sister.
Much Love to Ms. Bella as well ;)

Bella said...

I miss ya Silk!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Congrats on whoever got baptized , welcome new sister! Holla *(937 Prince)*

Bella said...

B - 4 real, u silly... It's my girl Roz! Mizz Roz to you! JK

evendivashavemuscles said...

Thanx for the luv Bella! I hold that profile card you got me close to my heart; your randomness means a lot to me. :-D