Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What U Kno About Dat?

Look-it! Got some Dippin' Dots when we went ice skating, again. I spilled some on my new sweater and stuff... This time it was Berek's idea to hit the ice and act like we know what we were doing. Well, for those of us who went, we did know what we were doing, we held it down and scared all the suburban kids. We screamed our remix of "Cry me a River" ... just drop the ver and add an ending... "O" What U Kno About Dat?!

Played some V-Ball Sunday, owned the court. I had some plays... yep, yep. Silk was holding it down too. We saw some kids get busted up pretty good. That was interesting... Silk checked them same 'kids' later... LOL. I got ur back gurl... And not to mention we busted out them L23 Witness Ts on the court we got from NC. What U Kno About Dat?!

Sunday Cam and I showed a family from the UK around. Taught them how to O-H-I-O. Last night I threw down on some dinner. So full, so full... Some stuffed chicken breast and mashed taters, organic salad, corn... it was real good. Oh and don't forget the gravy! What U Kno About Dat?

All I know is I had fun.

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Silk said...

YeSS SURR!! I kno all about dat! lol yea we had a ball this weekend shot out to frosted flake for getting the weekend off right. And of course shot out to Bella for always making the drive worth while ;)