Thursday, January 11, 2007

What the heck?! 41-14?!

Before the National Championship Game...

... After the Embarrassment of the Bucks losing.

Brit & Dani

Amber & Ros
B a.k.a "Flake" & B

Silk & Bella

OSU tats


"Flake" getting yelled at...

Teddy Ginn undereye stickers!
Um, yeah. We so lost. For those of you who don't live in Columbus, um, people are still in shock. Ros & I decided we would watch the game somewhere cool. So Ros made reservations at Wendell's Alumni Grill on Lane, in the heart of campus next to the Shoe, the Schott and St. John's. It seemed like a cool idea. The tvs were bangin' and we had great seats. The food was kinda wack. Unlike Buckeye cafe where the food was bangin' and the tvs were wack. But I decorated the table with some OSU clappers and beads and pom-pom for everyone. I had a foam OSU bad call brick and yellow flag I threw everytime there was a call I didn't like. Poor Berek got both of them thrown at him all night. It was funny. I apologized event though he's a Mountaineer LOL. Oh well. We still had a good time. OSU embarrassed all of us. People are irritated, irritated! I got harassed from all types of people. My phone rang off the hook for 24 hrs! Whatever... whatever! LOL. My thoughts on the game will be on Ref. Bella...


Maydayy019 said...

That game was so disappointing being in the heart of Glendale I must say fans got out of control. It was fun though seeing my team once again.

Silk said...

lol. we still had fun though...and I'ma need further explaination on my dude being caled "flake" haha. Much love to all those hurt buckeye regardless we had a good season.
Loves ya D

Bella said...

Yeah... I called Berek "flake" because he was irratating me with the whole Mountaineer ranting and raving and the gator dancing etc. I told him he was a flake. I did apologize for my actions the next morning and he accepted my apology and we moved on. No harm intended, well at least not now! LOL. It's all good B, all good!