Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pimpin' & Primpin' Ain't Easy

me & jeremy
CT$ & me
Eatin' in eyelashes @ BW3s

Pimpin & primpin' aint easy. Re-visiting the game with some familiar faces is always interesting. Saturday brought a temporary smile on my face. Candace Weber threw a cocktail party on the Santa Maria last Saturday. It was cool. That was the first time I ever climbed a ladder in 4 inch heels. But I'm a pro. And climbing down I just made sure I had an escort. It was worth it. As the night continued it was quite interesting, the people that popped in. It always is. Not as interesting as that November night in 2003! - Still got the pictures from that one - *sigh* memories. Going to this party was almost like a publicity stunt for me in some regard. Maybe to prove to me, or anyone else for that matter, I am single and can mingle with the best of them? I dunno.

Yes I did get to snuggle with CT$ and got some "PR" shots with the right people. That made me smile a bit. But honestly, the highlight of my evening.....? Slamin' on 12 wings at BW3s. Ain't that about it? AND... I did it in style with M.A.C. eyelashes. Only a dIvA.

So no, I didn't go to the San Diego State v. OSU game. I couldn't even watch it. (thanks coach - i hope u had to walk from the Schott to the shUe) But I did have a good time.

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