Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Allure of Da Game

Put me back in the game coach! Or not. Okay, so I was warming the bench for coach K this year. I was a serious player for a while. I have received my PHD as well as my MVP the end of last year. But, uh-oh, I warmed the bench this year like never before. Was it worth it? I dunno. A little. But I think I’m afraid of the game more than ever. This “blue devil” has no spunk left in her to play. Don’t get me wrong, the bench ain’t so bad. I mean there is no other “warming bench” that will treat any playa so VIP. – Peels, sporting events, mani’s & pedi’s, dinner under the stars…. I mean hey, life was good on the sidelines. Other playas were trying to still get my autograph. I was even chased by the paparazzi! At first, I was hesitant with this bench thing. But I caught on quick. So much that my heart is too sick for “da game” anymore! Who do I owe it all to? Coach K. Thanks Coach.

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