Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wake me up when September ends. And October for that much too. The summer has ended and what a summer it was. If anything, it will be a memorable one. Even though the summer has come to a close, I still see butterflies. Many many butterflies. It reminds me of how I feel right now and how I will feel for a while. Butterflies are beautiful. They are often free spirited hardly ever caught. When they are, what do you with them? Watch them, respect them. But I guess they truly want to fly. So if you value it enough, you let it go and be free. And find the beauty of it's flight the passing by you experience from time to time.

Because of that concept - I think of myself and others that I admire from a far as butterflies.

- bellabutterfly -

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