Tuesday, January 04, 2011

SAFE AUTO Commerical Flash mob. I'm In It!??!!

OMG. My cousin told me I was in this youtube clip/video for SafeAuto. OMG. She was right. I'm one of the surprised shoppers, looking at hot mess shopping with Jamal. I'm in it at the 2:22min mark till the end! HI-LARIOUS! November, 2010. I know you can't see the box, but just press play at below, it will start. Still in shock. I was a Safe Auto customer years ago for sometime, so I guess it comes full circle. LOL

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@ said...

You are some kinda cuteness! And who the heck were you whisperin' to back there?! *Raised eyebrow of half blackness attitude* I'm watchin you from down here lady!