Wednesday, March 08, 2006

U Know What?

U know what? I am really excited about the March Madness Event. I honestly think people think I'm a dork, which I am, for having it. But it makes me happy and it makes the people I care about happy, so I'm happy when they are happy. Others, however, think this is a joke, or not worth their time. Okay, I respect your opinion. There are some things where I just ain't feelin' it. But all means, feel that way. You will just miss out on free stuff and a good time. Yeah! - Anyway -

I did get a call from one of the members of my "Southern Goodie Mob" who said they can't come. :- Whatever dude, whatever. U know what, I have a feeling if I was a different girl in a different hemisphere, the South would make sure to represent. But, my Southern representatives that teased me about coming, have disappointed me. What else can I say? Maybe we'll catch you next year???? Sure thing.
The Coach has made an effort to speak again, kinda. I don't feel as if I have to dance as much anymore, well, no that's a lie. I still dance. The tension bubble has at least been pierced.

I'm going to visit the evil butterfly to get my face peeled off tonite. I'll be sure to post a pic or too if I feel up to sharing phase II of the transformation of my skin. In the meantime, & in between time, keep it real kitty-kats.


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