Friday, March 10, 2006


I’m tired of holding my breath. I believe I have for the last 6 months, if not longer, and it was not exactly pleasant. I feel have the right to exhale now. I was sitting at my desk today and Whitney Houston’s Exhale song came on. I’ve heard it before and referred to the concept a few times in the past. But the words sang today made more sense:

…Life never tells us, the when’s or why’s

When you’ve got friends, to wish you well
You’ll find your point when
You will exhale…

Hearts are often broken

When there are words unspoken
In your soul there’s answers to your prayers
If you’re searching for a place you know
A familiar face, somewhere to go
You should look inside yourself
You’re halfway there…

The last few days, my friends and family have said some of the nicest things to me. This made me realize, no more like remember, that life does go on – people do love me for exactly who I am – and they are proud of me. Thanks. I think we all get so wrapped up in our drama and production of we forget the most important things in life. Truth is… I am further than “half way there…” being okay, living in that “swagger” I joke about. I think I allowed myself to exhale completely last night. It was just the right moment. It should be after 6 months of this roller coaster ride.

I’m thankful that the people around me allow me to shine and they shine themselves.

I am no longer waiting to exhale…

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