Monday, October 10, 2005

oy vay...

The warm weather is no longer around. It's cold, gray, wet & nasty now. But that's Ohio for you. Sparkle came and dug me out of my room Saturday. We braved the cold weather and ironic Easton. It was kind of funny to be wearing a sweater again. I re-introduced myself to ballcaps. I was trying to be too pretty this summer to wear any of my ball caps. But I threw one on Saturday. Actually, it was my brand new Duke hat from Durham. :-)
I asked Sparkle why can't we just turn back time to my March Madness Party? When I was beyond happy and things were new and interesting this year; full of promise. Now it just history. I tried to live in the moments as much as possible this year. I think I succeeded! Every moment this year thus far has been lived in. No, my head has not been in the clouds. But I am grateful for the little dreams that came true this year. I guess that is why September was pale and October is a little bleak. All good things don't last forever.
Understanding that, Sparkle and I sat down at Cosi and ate & drank a mocha kiss that was bigger than me. We analyzed the heck out of this summer. Our conclusion: it's all about me until 5 after 3... still. What can I say?
I do know one thing, my right eye keeps twitching, and I have a new zit on my jawline. NOT great for photo opts this weekend. I'm going to have to work that out independently this week. (thanks coach)
Oy vay

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