Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Hate Tuesdays

It's Tuesday kittykats! Hate Tuesdays. Everyone gets stupid on Tuesdays. For the bums that don't have to work on Monday - why can't you drive on Tuesday morning? It's like you forget how to after your 3 day weekend-idiots. Tuesdays just aren't good.

My bookstudy night is now Monday at the Hall. Thank goodness for Lindsay and Ross. They should keep me saine as long as they don't move out of state. We were told last night we have to meet at 9 or 9:15 because there are too many bookstudies at the Hall now on Saturdays and there's no room for our group for service. That means I'm going to probably be late to many service meetings. To meet with the Saturday bookstudy group for service "would not be an option at this time..." I'm not being difficult, but why does it seem that part of the'young & the restless' drama in my life has a smidgen to do with that? ----- whatever. and I say that with a smile

Tuesdays use to be cool. One of those beautiful days to help me get by during the week. One of those days to get suprises. One of those smile days. One of those days to be on the phone until midnite just because. Tuesday was the second best day of the week to have a shadow. Now I'm "shadowless." http://www.toni-online.com/news.htm


I think Tuesday should just be dropped off the calendar. Monday, Wednesday etc. Tuesday could be a coma-toast day or something. Just white it out altogether, at least in my book. (remember, because it's all about me till five after 3... - s.rose)

i hate tuesdays.

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