Monday, October 17, 2005

Do Your Thang... (Mo's Wedding)

Well on Sunday, Monique's name didn't change. But that’s because her and Isaac have the same last name. Well, another one of my friends are married now, and I have another bridesmaid dress to put in the closet – yea. Everything was crazyness all weekend. The ceremony reception went well. The girls were definitely “Diva –fied” - Check out Devon with the over the shoulder grin. I didn’t trip in fall in my dress. Had some close calls, but no rips, no disasters – I would have gone home. I did have the urge to do the “Canne-Canne” in that dress though.

Isaac, Ben, and Devon made sure we had plenty of champagne in the limo and at the table. Megan enjoyed it. I could have chilled in the limo all night to tell you the truth. Jason made fun of me when we pulled up to BW3s and told me they could drop me off. You know I was all about that. I could slammed on some wing in my million dollar dress… please believe it.

Big ups to the bride and groom for having our bridal party dance as Jamiroqui’s “Dance” aka the Napoleon Dynamite dancing scene. We boogied it up on the floor. “Canned heat in my heels tonight ba-bay…” Also shout out to the C-O folks for coming and making me feel good… Amber, Chad, Brandon, Courtney… love ya’ll glad you were there… (to keep me sane).

Also shout out to Nikki - *kisses* darling… you rock hon. And Big Ups to Justin from FL! Check him out at . Chad for dancing with me – dateless but still got to dance. Works for me.

All in all it was a nice evening. I was ready to go home though. This weekend Diva D and I will be on Wall to Wall Sports. That should be interesting. No coach though.

Diva D, remember my 20!

‘Till the next time kitty kats….

- Bellabutterfly -


thatgirl said...

beautiful pictures.
thanks for sharing.

Doovie said...

Nice post and I liked all the pictures you have posted. It was nice to see you and everyone else after so long. Hopefully its not so long next time.