Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wear Green for Nana

My Nana that we ran Race for the Cure for, is in the hospital fighting liver cancer. She had a tumor removed 2 weeks ago today. She's in SICU fighting every inch of it. As she's up in the hospital getting every inch of rest she deserves I'm trying to fight off a sinus infection and watching Grey's Anatomy and the fake drama. What I've experienced in the last 14 days with my family has been sureal and different. What Nana has experienced in the last 30+ years of her life after she's battled cancer victoriously 2xs before is unspeakable and courageous. Her strength and resillance is the only afterthought she has after these battles. I love her dearly and I'm thankful she knows that. Please pull up May 2009 and look at the entries for her and mema and our Race for the Cure.

Green is the new color. Green for Liver Cancer Awareness. People have been aware of pink for breast cancer. Stephanie Speilman lost her battle today to breast cancer. My prayers and thoughts are with her family. She was a fighter like my Nana is. So I wear green and have for a week now since I discovered the official color for the cause. My co-workers have been the most supportive in wearing green for Nana.

So you do it too! Wear green and think of the people who are hurting, fighting, mourning and walking through these struggles everyday. Go Nana! Fight like a DIVA and the rest of us will wear green for you.

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RED said...

We Love Nana!