Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Did It! Race for the Cure Completed

Good Job everyone! There were 45,546 people who participated in Race for the Cure yesterday! Pink Afterthoughts team did their thing and we call finished! We did a great job!

Nana came to the finish line. And dinner was fabulous at the end of the day. Thank you to Mandy of Manorhouse Flowers!

Thank you for the support and onward to next year!

Enjoy the pics!


dannib said...

i absolutely love the pictures! the cape is priceless....i wish i could've been there to support you and your family.

thelifeofwifey said...

First off; pink is a fabulous color and it was great to have an excuse to wear it all day! This was such an awesome experience and amazing cause to take part in. I look forward to running this race in the future. Jon & I are glad we were able to support you and your granny's; they were so cute and sweet.
Love the pics; Jordana is such a diva rebel in her pink top and white shades; lol Oh and although Jon's shirt was blue @ dinner; it did have a pink horse on it...he does understand the pink revolution!