Monday, September 15, 2008

Buckwheat RIP

RIP Buckwheat September 2008

Yeah, ya'll probablly like what is this? My girl's cat died the other day and even tho this furry chick was a trip, she was cool. Furry Buckwheat Crites live a life of luxury in New Albany often telling people off and cussing others out. She also was a model, seriously, this cat was fierce in front of a camera.

She was definately the Naomi Campbell of cats.

RIP you crazy cat. I may even miss you. I know Trish does.


all photos done by Crites Photography

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Mz. Roz said...

Aaw poor kitty...I must admit this cat definetly seems to know what she's doin' in front of the camera. Fierce indeed!