Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If gas prices were a person what would you say to them?

Okay question of the day.

If gas prices were a person what would you say to them?
Responses thus far I've gotten today:
  1. I'd punch them right in the eye!
  2. You merchants are just as much of a w#@$% as Babylon the Great is!
  3. Get in the gym you slacker! 349lbs is absolutely ludicrous!
  4. Remember when we use to ride on you for .99 cents? Those were the days!
  5. Stop lying!
  6. Why are you always higher than a crackhead?
  7. Some things are better left alone.
  8. It's too bad to say. Whatever I would say would have plenty of expletives.
  9. Your mom Gas Prices, your mom!
  10. You need to loose some weight!!!! You are just too doggone big!
  11. Break yo self foo, then take his money.
  12. Like Chris Brown said, can I take you down?
  13. I'm not into drugs man... so we can't be friends if you keep getting high!
  14. Can you do the limbo?
  15. I though we was friends?! Why you molesting me and my my wallet like this? Why?!?!
  16. Have you lost your everloving mind?!

Ya'll really lost your mine huh????? Gas prices makes us a lil violent it sounds! LOL

Add your 2 cents... or $3.59 cents...

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Well, looks like they're will be more cookouts at Bella's this summer. Carpool and bring a lawn chair!


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