Monday, March 31, 2008

Official Thread - Keyshia Cole Dogs Columbus, Ohio

Keyshia Cole is not the Business

Don't get me wrong. I love Keyshia. Yeah, she did come, after canceling twice on Columbus, Ohio. That's is right 2 times. 1/18/08 show cancelled. Radio personality from Power 107.5 said the excuse was "It's too cold in Columbus." 3/7/08 she cancelled again. I was really irritated because Trey Songz was to be with her.

So 3/29/08 was the day. Here's the skinny ya'll:
Her voice sounded wonderful, but we only got to hear it for 20mins. after waiting 2hours for her to show. It was to start at 7:30. The radio station entertained us until 9:15. She didn't come out till 9:45 or so. Someone is quoted on her site saying it was 9:52.

Girl has mad talent. Her management is poor and wack, her opening act was also wack because he didn't bother to show until 10pm. (A promoter's wife told us that he was in Cinci, Ohio the night before... soooooooo, why did it take you that long to get up here????

Keyshia spoke to the crowd and said she loved us all and she was thankful to have all her "n****s" support her. Then when someone off stage said Plyze was in the building, she said "Oh, well Plyze is here ya'll. I'm out." Chucked a deuce and walked off. I know die hard fans are gonna defend, but this is my city. I was grateful she came, but why act like you're bigger than your fans. Ms. Cole, DO NOT come back to Columbus. I'd rather bootleg your CD next time you drop one. The Radio One stations don't even want you here. Go waste Cleveland or Cincinnati's time.


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Mz. Roz said...

Yeah, you hear that Keyshia...and don't come back!