Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Glitta ain't gold part deux

I've been thinking... I've been dreaming... I've been living... and in all of this mess I often joke about as a "trainwreck" I come across one of those Bella revelations again.

A while back I talked about "All that glitters ain't gold". I think we all know that. It's definitely common sense right? Well yeah, but I think we all forget about that clever phrase when something catches our stare like a cat spellbound with a ball of string. So the question is do you go for the ball and get tied up and entangled in the string? or do you keep it moving? Yeah, we all say "I know what I'd do..." But do you? Would you really?

Reality smacks us eventually and we find that glitter dissipates, shiny things loose there luster and newness, and a ball of string usually frays and knots up to the point you cut it or throw it away. I don't have enough patience to polish or chase glitter I have found. And trying to piece a frayed ball of string back together is definitely NOT THE BUSINESS.

So I learn to put on my shades, my blinders, or eye patch - whatever works to keep the bling from distracting me. Easier said than done. What about the people that walk around shiny and blingy and always has a ball of string?! What about them Bella, you may ask?
I've learned they are lacking something. It may not be apparent as to what, but they AIN'T THE BUSINESS either. Even the most perfect situation or person has some serious flaw or defect.

I'm not perfect, not even close... hence my new "trainwreck" pin I wear when I'm feeling a little feisty because it's funny and sometimes, jokingly, it's a little true. I know ya'll can relate.

I guess sometimes we all look at something we don't have at times and ponder on what it be like to have something like it. I've seen people lower their class and intelligence to capture something they thought they needed or wanted, hurt people in the process. Sometimes they are just so focused on their supposed goal or themselves and cause the same effect. But let me ask you, when you finally achieve what you thought you wanted, is it worth it? How much did the gamble cost you? Did it cost you your spirituality, money, time? Did you loose friends, love, respect.... did that now famous 80/20 rule come into play? Did you get caught up in yourself and what you want so much you forgot about the truly essentials? .............. But ya blingin' right?!? Got glitter all over you, in ya teeth, ya fingernails... LOL (okay, I'm gonna stop)

So I guess I'm still on the side of the pool with my boxing gloves and now an eye patch?

MY POINT: Sometimes the shiny things or ideas may distract us... it's happened to me too...

It's not worth losing some of the best things in life .... everything that glitters ain't gold....

Love ya brit... thanks 4 holding me down...

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