Monday, November 26, 2007

Protect Ya Neck...

All in due time we get smacked around, battered, tattered and torn. Everyone learns to roll with the punches or stand up to them. Some fight back. Fighting back isn't always good. Punching someone out as a first reaction isn't always wise, isn't always mature or the right thing to do.
Rarely am I delivering punches. If I do it's under training or special occasion, not showing off. Someone told me they served a punchout, but it sounded more like show and tell to me.
But every once and a while we have to deal out some serious punches or deliver a blow that will sting a little. I've done this. But I only do it for protection. I have been told I'm aggressive. I don't think that is necessarily true. My slant on it is I try to protect myself. It's survival of the fittest to me. I'm afraid to do anything other than protect myself, because if I get KOed ... I fear a slow recovery or none at all. So I've been trying to take one day at a time, but when provoked, it's on like 'diddy kong' (sooooo gooood).
I had to protect myself, my mind, my heart, my neck... at times. Once it's done and can't be undone. That's why boxing, punching, is so dangerous. I tattered up my knuckles this weekend. It happens sometime. Not an everyday thing.
But I'm not skilled enough to be all sparing and junk. I'm not Cocoa Marilyn Monroe anymore... I just try to protect my neck.


David AKA "The Doctor" said...

Keep fighting sista! You know we got your back in whatever. Need anything, just holla.

-The Doctor

Silk said...

LIfe's hardships come and go..even the darkest passage has it's end, and the light there can be more healing than you may give it credit for. I agree with Big Brother David. The fight is what we endure..the hope and strength to make it through is what Jah gives us..and he's waiting at the end of those passages with our relief, and our reward. I love you Bella. And we're all here to help you strap up them gloves.