Friday, November 02, 2007

First off, Go Bucks! Gotta love the pic... from OSU official website, the O-H-I-O campaign. For all things Buckeye please jump on the link I placed above on the top left:


Cool site, you should check it out and register for some very cool Buckeye scoop!

Moment of Clarity...


But really... November is here. 2007 is almost gone. I had a ROCKIN summer... like pretty extraordinary and splendid. September and October had to be two of the best months this year... (If you're grinning or shaking your head 'yes' to that comment, you probably were apart of it or know what it was about.)

I’ve been in deep thought the last few days about many things. Reevaluating my surroundings and personal life, relationships. I’ve approached clarity for right now. I’ve decided there is a way that I want to be happy. In order to accomplish that, I do have to focus in on spiritual things… and then ultimately me. Not being selfish in the sense of annoyance to others, but looking out for me. I was told I give way too much of myself, and that may be why one part of my life is still idle.

I’m not going to pursue anything but me from now on: spiritually and mentally. I thought I was doing well but apparently not. I guess it’s a joke… maybe I’m the joke… At any rate, I’m tired or hoping something heartwarming will come into my life and when it shows up it just turns out to be a bag of hot air. “Inspectors” and “Coaches” have proven to be that in the past. But you know: When someone shows you who they really are, believe them. Well I need to believe in myself and maybe, just maybe, someone one day will believe in me too.

Life isn’t that deep, it’s what we fill our days with that turns it into a profound pool of bedlam.

I think for now... I’ve hopped out of the pool and dried off. I’m taking a rest period. If you’d like a life raft, you know where to find me.


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Maydayy019 said...

You are to beautiful to let the stresses of todays world and people to get to you. You've always been a giver, friend, and a sister to me and though at times we may think our day of glory is not going to come it will.... You deserve the best and I'm sure the best is out there and is looking for you. Love ya