Thursday, August 02, 2007

Refreshing Summer

So do you feel a change coming? I do. You know how I get… A tremendous amount of optimism slaps me around a couple of times while reality is out on vacation. Who doesn’t like that right? ** giggle giggle ** (I said slap) Nah, for real… I’m good right now. 9.8.7 countdown. For those who don’t know, cuz I’ve told like everyone like I got something to prove, I started with a personal trainer, trying to find definition somewhere under the my skin LOL. Been listening to Teedra Moses and that new Kelly Rowland lately.

Oh yeah, I forgot… The queen of the Evil Butterfly will be joining my KH. … yeah… fun. Whoppie… Silk’s ™: “shoot me in the face” Whatever, don’t bring up the "coach", and I won’t bring up “goodbye earl.” LOL HOLLA

I’m glad you all enjoyed the movies below of the chicas and I on TV and the convention. We enjoy all of you ;)

Refreshing… would you like a drink? I know I would *wink*

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