Monday, June 25, 2007

More Latino Stuff!!!

Okay, I lifted these pics from danni b's site... >>>>click here<<<<

It was pretty toasty, if you were there, you know what I mean.... and we can't figure out why most of us wore green?! Silk & I thought it was the UCB Clique reuniting...



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Meg said...

Hey sorry I always say I'll call back and never do. I'm a flake.... Since I missed the latino fest I will for sure make the octoberfest... I started my new hall last night they are for sure happy I'm there its funny cause they all want me in there bookstudy. Who ever said learning Russian was easy was completely mistaken i thought my english was bad but obviously not.. If you decided to move where ever that may be Jehovah will take care of you. I mean for real I got a great job with vacation days, insurance and flexable schedule and I got blessed with my new hall who needs the help. I'm sure if you pray for direction and work accordintg to that prayer Jehovah will take care of everything else. I mean it does say he'll full fill our every want. And who knows when you come out here you may want to stay. Miss ya xoxoxox-may