Tuesday, April 03, 2007

O-H-I... Oh uh uh... not again?!

Yeah we lost, yeah I said it!

Buckeyes, killing us fans here! For the bandwagon buckeye fans... save it please. The condolences are not necessary.

But all in all, it was a good night. The memorial of Jesus death was observed in our congregations last night. Worthington had 209 in attendance. That's bangin for an avg. attendance of 79.

After we bounced to Bar Louie to catch some food and the game. Good stuff.

I'll be putting up '07's abbreviated March Madness... we had a good time there too... Stay tuned kitty kats...



evendivashavemuscles said...

Yeah so we lost! Gators CHUMPED us! However, as you can see the sisters held it down with our flyness! Not to mention my salad was bangin!

There's always at least ONE highlight

Doovie said...

You think you got it bad girl? Steph and I feel like the lone buckeye fans in florida. Thanks for the comment on my blog hopefully we'll be making it to Ohio more after the move

Anonymous said...

well i'm waitin on those pics girl...anyways let me know what time you need help saturday and where to be...luv dannib

Bella said...

yeah mama, I been busy with getting stuff together and junk. Not an excellent week thus far! I'll call ya!