Thursday, January 04, 2007

In Memory of...

I know this may seem a little strange. But if you know me, you know that yesterday and today are hard for me.
Three years ago now, one of my best friends, Alicia Heisley and her brother Joel were killed fatally in a car accident with two other of their friends. Alicia on January 3, and Joel expired on January 4. The details are no longer important. But their legacy and their memory is.
Yesterday 3 of my closest friends said they would come with me to Joel and Alicia's final resting place. By the time we made it out there it was dark. But instead of crying or being saddened deeply, we talked about our favorite memories of them. The things about them that made us laugh, what they would say or think if they were still here. Or better yet, what they will say when we see them again in the Paradise.
I felt I lost so much that year. 2004 was slow moving to get thru. But I did, we did. And I gained so much by the end of it, and continue to.
I learned to be real with people. Not to take my friends for granted. That sounds so cliche, however, until it happens to you and you lose something so precious, you won't understand.
Love each other everyone, don't take your friends, family and the people who deeply care about you for granted... EVER. You never know when things may change in a blink of an eye, out of your control and you may never see it again.
Love to all.
I miss ya Joel. I luv ya 'Lish.


Song Kaili said...

Three years...that's crazy.
It seems so long ago, but at the same time I can still feel the sickness I had when I found out. I can't wait to see Joel and Nathan's reaction when they find out about me and Chris!! They will laugh their heads off...and I can't wait to hear their laughs again!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe im wrong, but my friend nathan was in that car. i believe it was 2003...cuz it was almost a year after my good friend pete died.