Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The "D-Block" Invades the CO

Well... I'm exhausted. It's okay, I had fun these past 5 days. Yes, Mr. Fields, Watts2 & the Lamb ran thru the city and left yesterday. Leaving me tired and a bit saddened. I tried my hardest to show them a good time. Big ups to my girls for holding me down this weekend and showing the South a little of how we do.

They learned what a Buckeye is and the power of Brutus. We made "Cute rights and lefts" in the Towne Center. Ran thru "Vickie's" Chipotle and Easton a couple of times. Ate like pigs... (yes I cooked, just one time though. Ya'll know that's my secret weapon, please believe it.) ... There was so much PR we had to cover. It's all so much a blur now that it's over.

So glad they had a good time. I did.

Fellas, if you haven't noticed, my girls & I run this city. Glad you could be apart.

More pictures to come, I promise...

(p.s. Could someone please tell the Inspector I have 4 bruises...)



GFields2 said...

That's right, it was a DBLOCK INVASION!!! We had an EXCELLENT host, so good it made us/me wanna move up to the O-H-I-O lol. Just for reference the power of Brutus stems from Blue Devil reserves :-)

Thanks Dani,

Love Gordo (POTNA!)

Brian Watts said...

Hey hey it's B Watts, great site and you know how much fun we had up there! see y'all in November! :-D

Anonymous said...

hey, that party was crazy, i think u are the queen of parties and of the CO, though i would have to say im a princess in training. lol
-Killa Cam

dannib said...

hey girl---justin gave me your page...i'm glad i got to hang with you this weekend. thanks for inviting me, we should do it again sometime.

dannib said...

hey girl- justin gave me your page. i'm glad we got to hang this weekend. we should do it again sometime.

sarah said...

just for the record...please tell the inspector that I have a bruise TOO!!!

i told you I bruise easy...*whine*