Friday, August 18, 2006

Ode à passer

August already. Almost done too! I'm tired today and I've got a busy weekend planned. Tonite Abbie and I are going to see Mary J. Blige. That should be a good time, good music. A good time to chill. Then off to Athens to see Jeff, Brandon, and Ryan. That should be fun too. The "Grown Folks Get Together." I'll be sure to take pictures of that too. I haven't been to Athens since November. This should be a lot different.
I am exhusted. Board meetings are done and over with. This week wears me out. I'm looking forward to the fall. I don't know why. Well, I do, but that's not been set in stone yet. Heck, nothing is anymore. It could be a "Pale September" or not this year. I hope not.
Again I find myself lying low, just trying to chill and take everything in, good and bad.
The Kingdom Hall is coming along okay. We were behind with work, but that's because people really weren't showing up to help. I'm sure when it's time to re-dedicate the hall, people from all over will decide to show up.

...Ode à passe...

Does anyone remember this song???

Time After Time:

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick, and think of you caught up in circles confusion-- is nothing new Flashback--warm nights-- almost left behind suitcases of memories, time after-- sometimes you picture me-- I'm walking too far ahead you're calling to me, I can't hear what you've said-- Then you say--go slow-- I fall behind-- the second hand unwinds chorus: if you're lost you can look--and you will find me time after time if you fall I will catch you--I'll be waiting time after time after my picture fades and darkness has turned to gray watching through windows--you're wondering if I'm OK secrets stolen from deep inside the drum beats out of time-- chorus: if you're lost... you said go slow-- I fall behind the second hand unwinds--

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