Monday, July 24, 2006

Case of the Fake People

Do you all remember the song by TLC? Fake People? It’s funny because it’s true. It’s very surreal how many of us are superficial, fake, counterfeit. At times we are all like that… If you say you are not or never have been, it’s safe to say you’re kidding yourself now. There are many of my friends I look up to. Other people I admire for their characteristics. Yes we all are not perfect. But are we all fake? I found that some are really into what the latest trend, the coolest crowd, the most material things. Whatever makes them feel good and look good at the moment. But when it comes to the more important everyday things, when it comes to good friendships, when it comes to people’s feelings, sometimes they push it under a rug and hope to forget about it because it doesn’t fit them at the time.

For some it’s all about how many people can be with, get numbers from, see on the weekend. After a while, if you step back, that gets old. But the sad thing is some people just don’t see it.

Are we so one-dimensional where are own image and persona is bigger that life itself? Are we so caught up in appearances to others that we stop being real with the people who really care about us? Are we afraid that people will talk about us if we don’t put up that fake front, afraid they will find out who we really are?

I honestly think there are some who can’t be real because they forgot how to be real with themselves. To that I say, when times get rough, are all those fake people you surround yourself with or profess not to be going to be there to hold you down when you need them the most?
I've seen a couple of these cases this past week, local and abroad.

Ask yourself, “Am I artificial?”

We may not admit it, but actions definitely show it.


Song Kaili said...

I know what you mean. Like the people you are friends with now and have no clue that they know the people you grew up with until you they get engaged then you see that your friend has also congradulated the person you grew up with!!! :P


Amber said...

Fakeness is something that we all blind ourselves to. It is right in front of our faces, but there are times when we can no longer deny it. When we personally are down and out we begin to see people for who they really are. When we need a shoulder to cry on or someone to help us thru hard times, we are forced to open our eyes and and see our "friends" for who they really are. Unfortunately, we walk away with hurt feelings. But in my opinion, pain only make us wiser.