Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March Madness 2006 - Food, Friends & Basketball

March Madness Chicas
Sparkle, Danielle, Enza & Ashton

Well, Saturday was my March Madness Party. It was pretty cool. My guests were pretty cool and it went well. Just about everyone got a prize of some sort. Ashton was ushered in as a March Madness Chica last minute and she rocked at doing her job, being fabulous. KC was the Champion of the Tournament Shoot out. He won the Lebron Nike ball. He seemed to be pleased with that. My WV boyz graced us with their presence this year and brought some new faces. The food was a hit. They killed the two 35" pizzas and I invited less people this year.
All in all, I had a good time and I think everyone else did too. It meant a lot to me for my friends to come and share in my excitement and madness. It was truly about Food, Friends and Basketball. Who knows when I can do this again. I would like to go again next year, but who knows what next year will bring. I thank everyone for coming and making things live. Special shout out to the UCB Kids and the March Madness Chicas in uniform and not. ( you know who you are) Until next year...


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