Friday, January 06, 2006

What Eye See...

Wow. Last year is -- well, last year. 2005. It definately made up for 2004. What eye see is a inner strength I never thought I could gain. A part of me was touched last year that I never had seen before, and only a spoonful got to experience. That bliss. It was followed, it basked in the sun a bit. And when it came to an end, eye saw the things that were truly make me - me. I am grateful.
Don't know what will happen next. Will I keep living a little like a rock star? Maybe. Will I have my days of bliss? Sure. Will I have my days of crazy people doing chicken dances around me and blowing up my phone? I don't wanna, but that's life.
Eye look forward to LeBron James this weekend. Eye look foward to March Madness. Eye look forward to my own personal southern "goodie mob". Eye look foward to a renewed spiritual gain. And I personally pray, that I continue to gain courage everyday I walk into Westerville.
I'll let the stories play out for themselves. They always do, and they always have a way to make me smile.
- bellabutterfly -

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