Monday, November 14, 2005

Dead Ball

Saturday I went to the OSU game with my Papa. We had a good time and OSU won 48-7. Script Ohio was awesome as usual.

My weekend was busy and exhusting. Trying to stay overwhelmingly busy. This month I am playing Doggie Au Pair, Coordinator, Babysitter, and job hunting. The event upcoming should be good, hopefully if they listen to what I advise. The guest list will be a little - cRzaY - enough said.

I received my scheduled "attitude adjustment" Sunday afternoon. It was sort of a clensing for me in some way. As the tears flowed and my ears took in reminders, I reached a new level of acceptance of coping with this madness. I woke up a little refreshed, still I hyperventalate a bit. But maybe that is me trying to catch my breathe still. I still don't like the situation, but I am that much closer in letting it go. Honestly, I think I'm a afraid I'll lose a part of me I'll never know or see again.

Like a football in motion and dropped - "dead ball."

Definition: The period of time between plays when the ball is no longer in play, which is determined by the officials signaling the play to be over. A ball that is no longer in play, that is, a ball that is not held by a player or loose from a kick, fumble, or pass.

I'll be aight...

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