Friday, October 28, 2005

Almost... but almost doesn't count

Hey, I almost got my swagger back. But almost doesn't count, right? There's a pieces of me that still ain't quite settled yet. It's like a scab that's not quite healed yet. Can't pick it, you'd have to let it heal all over. But you just want it to be gone. Who knows when that will be, and I'm sure I will have a battle scar - but hey, I'm a soldier.

Sparkle and I analyzed some deep thoughts last nite on the type of person who can get to me like no one can. Yes folks, we have a winner. < no comment >

So what’s the cause of the almost “effect” ??? Well, NC has kept close contact this week. I may have a couple things on the agenda lined up… Mr. Clouse in my office just came in the room and shouted: “It’s good to be needed!” I couldn’t have summed it up better myself. That’s all I am going to share. What more can I say?

My little swagger is almost back…

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